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We are a technology-driven security solutions provider. We believe that constant innovation is needed in today’s online security environment, where the number of targeted attacks is growing faster than ever and the development of malware designed to bypass the traditional security products is very much a reality.

We have chosen to focus on a niche that we feel is overlooked and underdeveloped, and yet of immense importance now and going forward into the future. Many recent developments, such as the spread of financial malware, the security industry’s failure to stop sophisticated attackers like ZeuS and SpyEye for years on end, are living proof that our strategic direction is a spot-on match with the evolution of online threats.

We proclaim a layered approach to endpoint security as the only strategy that will ensure an adequate response to the breadth and depth of online threats today. There are countless security products on the market, but, at least to our knowledge, not a single one is able to address the full range of threats out there. This is natural in a dynamic environment where all factors vary greatly.

Our solutions are used by a rapidly growing number of individuals and organizations that realise that traditional security products are not powerful enough to protect them against some of the most dangerous threats out there: identity theft, financial malware, spyware and SSL intruders.

Based from our offices in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece, we are able to leverage the renowned engineering potential of the region. Our research and development team is comprised of security experts with many years of combined experience in kernel development and threat prevention.

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